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The Cardrona Single Malt Otago Pinot Cask Cardrona Day 700ml

Cardrona 2022 birthday Single Malt Whisky release is an exquisite marriage of four hand selected Felton Road Pinot noir casks. With just 1,217 bottles, this expression demonstrates a mastery of both maturation in an extreme environment and world-leading innovation in cask management. Cardrona has developed a revolutionary method to preserve the delicate wine seasoning of locally sourced Quercus robur Pinot noir wine casks, sourced exclusively from Felton Road. To preserve the fresh and vibrant red-fruit notes of the seasoning, we collect the casks from the local winery, landing them in the Cardrona valley within hours of the wine dumping and charge the casks immediately with Cardrona New Make Spirit. The casks have then rested, maturing in the extreme environment of the Cardrona valley. With a temperature variation from -10 degrees C in winter to 40 degrees in summer, combined with zero humidity, and an altitude of 600 metres above sea level, combined with a pristine location of outstanding natural beauty and purity. The extreme environment has melded the spirit into Whisky of outstanding character. These four casks have been selected for their peak balance of spirit and wood. The result is an extraordinary dram from a New World.